GEM Micron Minerals strength lies in its rich and high quality self-owned barite mine resource.GEM acquires 2.52 hectors barite mining licence.We continuously seeking opportunities to expand our mining operations.The company is constantly striving to enhance its mining operations by bringing prospective sites under exploration. We have one of the best deposits. Our mining area have its own unique properties, enabling us to cater to diverse product for different applications.

To ensure systematic mining for optimum deposit extraction, we lay great emphasis on advance planning of the mines. Our exploration team planned out to ensure a production of the required grades, thereby ensuring end-product stability both in quality as well as quantity.

Specific ore qualities are identified and tested with our expert team after the process of exploration, The behaviour of any given ore is constantly monitored to ensure stability of physical and chemical characteristics.

The carefully extracted ore is then transported to the ore processing and storage yard of the mines. Here sorting and ore dressing is done and the ore is classified into different grades, depending upon the quality. The various grades of ore are then despatched to grinding units for further processing in various grades and particle size from Regular fine to Microns to Nano Microns as per requirement.